Thursday, 17 September 2015

Finding your personal style

Over the years my style has gone through many phases. I've been a sneaker and baggy jean wearing tomboy, a tummy baring Aaliyah wannabe, an underwear showing over the top of my jeans et al, a pregnant teenager, a Rastafarian empress and now a full-fledged SHOE ADDICT!!!! 

Throughout every phase I fully committed to the 'look' and was convinced that I would grow old dressing that way! In my opinion finding and owning your personal style is VERY important! Nothing beats a woman, in fact any person who is comfortable in their own skin. Confidence shows in the way you walk, the way you project yourself, you stand taller, smile brighter and it's sexy as fuck. 

Nothing is more annoying than an obnoxious sales clerk who's trying to force everything down your throat "oh gosh famalee that looking real bess" and you very well know it's either way too short, too tight or just not you. 

1. Find what you feel most comfortable in. 

For me my go to dressed down outfit is a white tank ( aka the wife beater) and a pair of jeans (Parkers or Hollister) with flip flops (Chanel, Tory Burch, Havianas or Old Navy) and a great handbag. If I want to dress it up I add a blazer and some ballet flats and button earrings.

2. Realise that not EVERY trend is built for you or your body type!
It's ok to try it in the store but you have to be honest with yourself or if your judgement is a little shaky, take a brutally honest friend they don't have to be a fashionista but they must know what looks good on you. For instance I know Harem pants and cold shoulder tops are not my friends and I generally hate leggings with a passion (that's a whole other blog entry)

3. Know your body type full figured, top heavy, pear shaped or no shape just now your shape! 

4. Research is your friend! 
I know it may seem a bit much for just getting dressed but on your free time flip through fashion blogs, magazines or Instagram, Pinterest, Tinder or whoever is the next social media forum and GET NEW IDEAS!! There is inspiration almost everywhere! Instyle Magazine is like my bible I love how they show trends and literally break down looks piece but piece to show how anyone of any age can do it. 

5. ASK FOR HELP!!!!!! 

There are experts whose job it is to help you put together looks. Absolutely nothing is wrong with asking a question ( I do it my damn self lol). You can even take your researched looks with you to shop so you now have an idea of where you wanna take your look and what you want to look like.