Thursday, 11 August 2016

Slaying for "summer"

Girls... Yes? Girls... Yes? Girls... WHAT?! ok enough of that I'm not trying to get sued but young ladies lets chat come come have a seat... 

I get that it's August vacation and you'll are gonna be out "all summer 16" but let's talk about wardrobe choices. I know you all work out or naturally have 'bess' bodies (jealous) but that is no excuse to not try to look a little extra special i.e. a tank top and shorts does NOT an outfit make!!! I repeat a vest/croptop/promo tee/ halter/monokini and shorts whether they be high waisted/ low rise/ or distressed denim DOES NOT AN OUTFIT MAKE!!! 

There is never an excuse to look as tho you're on your way to Massy foods NEVER 

Ok now that I'm done ranting here are some helpful tips on how to upgrade your look...


Whether it's a body chain, a statement necklace or layered chains a necklace can add interest to any basic tank 

Cross body bags; as simple as they might seem these can add colour PLUS nobody needs to see your phone, car keys and money sticking out your pocket 

Try an armless coat; these add a layer with the added benefit of hiding any unwanted dimples or imperfections 


They're cute and handy pair with some strappy sandals,belt and bangles and VIOLA you have a complete


Automatic way to add some fancy to any pair of shorts whilst adding some height PLUS who doesn't need their legs to look longer? 

NB all of these suggestions work well with your LBD

There you have it ladies my unsolicited advice try it quickly before "summer 16" is over, practice makes perfect for carnival!!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Fashion is PLUS

As a Caribbean woman... Trini to the bone as a matter of fact (David rudder voice) I appreciate that Caribbean women come in all shapes sizes and Colour.,, it is what makes our culture so fascinating and diverse However HOWEVER It irks my soul when I see women dressed inappropriately for their age, size or for the event they're attending

Lemme prefix this by saying SPANX are my best friend I wear them with EVERYTHING... Every damn thing SPANX tuck away, smooth out and downplay our unforgiving areas and they come in ALL different types and sizes.

I love nothing better than seeing a plus sized woman dressed appropriately for her size no one says you have to be frumpy it's all about accentuating your best features, layering your problem areas and accessorising the shit out of your look!
Statement necklaces
Pencil skirts
Semi flare skirts
Maxi dresses
Wrap dresses
Multi coloured throws
And let's not forget SHOES are you best friends

* BELTS; as you all should know by now I'd belt my night gown if you gave me a chance. Belts are a simple way to accentuate your waist or add a pop of Colour. Go for pieces that are between 2" and 4"

* STATEMENT NECKLACES; as I've mentioned before necklaces can add flare to an otherwise basic look

* PENCIL SKIRTS; pair with a loose tank, multi coloured throw and EUREKA you've layered whilst potentially hiding problem areas

* SEMI FLARE SKIRTS; let's say you don't have wide hips semi flare skirts add some "flare" and body to your lower half without adding bulk

* MAXI DRESSES; paired a statement necklace or a throw this is an excellent look you can either dress it up or down depending on the location

* WRAP DRESSES; a wardrobe staple that EVERY woman no matter her size should own wrap dresses highlight your boobs, waist, hips and show a little leg... These can go from work to play in NO time

* THROWS; an excellent versatile way of adding a pop of Colour to a look while playing with proportions and hiding common problem areas like arms and stomach... Wear a vest, pencil skirt, broad belt, throw on a belt n VIOLA

* SHOESSSSS; I don't advise too thin of a heel but too much of chunky heel provide more support whilst providing support will make your legs look too... For want of a better word chunky so go for something in the middle. Sandals... Whilst gladiators are all the rage I'd advise against the styles that come too high up on the calves

       Ballet flats in bright colours are one of my go to styling tricks and you can never go wrong with a classic pair of pumps

** try to stay away from overly baggy fabrics that add unnecessary bulk **tight ain't always right
** unstructured fabrics tend to highlight all of our problem areas fabrics like spandex are VERY unforgiving be aware!!!
** don't settle just because it's in the plus sized section doesn't mean you HAVE to get it leave some Of that ugly ish ALONE

Sincerely your shopaholic with Major isshoes Jihan 

Friday, 8 January 2016

MAS of total confusion!!

Ok soooo Christmas done and the thing start... This carnival season is short so let me add my unwanted two cents quick quick.... But first I have a question...

     Can some one explain to me why some young ladies see it fit to go to parties with "MAS boots"? Wait, I digress let me explain exactly what I mean when I use the term MAS boots so as not to cause any further confusion, because I am convinced some young ladies are getting this thing all wrong!!! The term 'mas boots' is reserved for flat knee high or just under the knee or sometimes ankle, suede/faux or not (more usually not), they're normally scrunched i.e look like they're being pushed down a bit and come in a variety of colours TO MATCH YOUR CARNIVAL COSTUMES. This being said can someone explain to me why some girls think wearing them to party is cute?

I've seen chicks in the club, all inclusive fetes and even on boat rides in MAS boots now one would think that the fact that they're called mas boots i.e the function is directly in front of the word boots that this would be a clear indication of the intended use. But, no no no they wear them anywhere, anyhow and with anything why should other females make the effort to get their toes done and stand in their heels or wedges and there you are clumping around in your Carnival Tuesday best. The following are a few instances where these boots are allowed in regular party environments

1. You just finished modeling a costume on stage and you're staying for a bit to take a drink(i cyah blame yuh)
2. It's a Carnival or Jouvert themed party
3. You dance PROFESSIONALLY for Machel, Destra or Kes
4. It's a costume party and you need to get your money's worth out of your costume
5. Your house either just burnt down or flooded out and those were the only things left in your car (my sympathies staying home is almost always an option though)
Failing these 5 situations it is NOT ok!!!!! This is why the shoe gods invented ballet flats, sandals, wedges, oxfords, keds and Doc Martins! Just because you have them ladies that doesn't mean you have to wear them save yourselves the blank stares and looks of confusion MAKE THE EFFORT!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Confessions of a statement necklace junky

Plain midi dress?
Plain maxi dress?
Wife beater and jeans?
Shirt dress and gladiators?
White boyfriend work shirt?

*phew* If only CXC or a thesis were so easy lol but seriously, statement necklaces solve every outfit's problems I swear!!!! Of course there are specific pieces that work better with certain necklines but we'd venture into that another day for today we celebrate the #statementnecklacewhore hidden in all of us 


TRUST ME There's something for all of us in a statement necklace! now don't be afraid I'm not sending you into the world looking like a Masai priestess or worst yet an escapee from  the Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria (don't go straining your neck and blaming it on me!!!) 
if this trend is new to you start slowly 

My favourite for newbies are pearls double a strand n turn it into a choker, add another layer and you're on your way to a full statement necklace diva but if you're not sure test the waters a bit first... 

Tribal pieces have recently become the rage these thankfully come in amazing colours and require little to no Kelly's or Michelle's for support 

Here are my statement necklace rules to LIVE BY 
  • Pair with a simple button earring you don't want to take away from your neck piece by confusing it with an over-sized over done earring 
  • Your only other accessory should be your clutch and either bangles or an amazing ring 
  • Create a clean canvas i.e. Exposed skin or a flat coloured top or dress 
  • Bigger is better!!!!! 

Statement necklaces are the easiest, fastest and most economical way to spruce up an otherwise boring outfit... Speaking of economical I have a store to introduce you'll too but shhhh that's another post for another time 

Your Shopaholic with major "isshoes" 


Friday, 9 October 2015

Colour blocking cocktails

Ok sooooo this is a short one because it's so simple! 

Another of my favorite go-to looks is Colour Blocking! Why wear plain neutrals (yawn) when you can pair two, three, hell even four colours and make an impact the minute you walk into a room 

After all we live in the tropics right?! Why not add some brightness to your wardrobe. 

Whilst it's a tad easier than mixed prints, colour blocking basically uses the same concepts``
• choose your colours
•Belt the middle to break it up or show a little skin in between pieces 
•Rock that shit like fashion 
•remember it doesn't have to "match" it has to "go" 

Please note a belt is your bestie! You know how I feel about belts, I'd belt my night gown. 

If your mid section isn't as slim as you want it to be (lord knows I tried waist training but I wasn't ready to meet my maker) use the darker of your chosen colours on your mid section that way you avoid any unnecessary attention... 

Here are some more colour blocking tips: 
-Using a blazer? Try a neutral tank 
-Colour block dress? Try a patent shoes 
-Shy? Pick two primary colours like red and blue or yellow and green! God automatically colour blocked already for you lol. 
-For my virgin colour blocker style slayers, here are some combos to try 
•yellow + coral blue 
•pink + teal 
•green + purple 

Go on  and try it! Colour block like your mommy just bought you your first poster paints!!! Be confident and take pics I want to see!!!

Friday, 2 October 2015

Life's a beach!!! Or maybe just a beach themed event

For some time now I had hoped and prayed... Then prayed and hoped that these beach themed parties would go away *sigh* but alas they haven't...

Adaptation is essential for human survival so, by extension, one's wardrobe also has to adapt in order for your social life to survive.

Luckily for the guys they don't have the stress of having to figure out what to wear - they can throw on a pair of board shorts or cutoffs with a t-shirt and they're on their way. Although I've recently been so proud of men for stepping their game up!!! (check out Kings By Nature on Facebook)

For the ladies, however, it is a lot more complicated. When boredom strikes and with my admittedly sick sense of humor, I often use party photo galleries for entertainment. So under the suggestion of my cousin , I've decided to use my brain for good rather than evil and offer some BEACH PARTY WEAR GUIDELINES as it is clearly evident that there needs to be some given. So, here goes.......


What is it with every chick and their sister wearing mini skirts and bandeau tops?? Now, don't get me wrong - if accessorized correctly and with the right body type this look can be fantastic BUT you need not wear it to every party you attend. However, if you insist, try it with a statement necklace pair this with button earrings, mix the prints of the top and the skirt. WEAR A BRA under the bandeau top and pair with bangles bangles and more bangles!

Wearing a cropped top with a pair of bikini bottoms is NOT ok!!!!! It looks like you forgot your pants at home, or your boyfriend's wife walked in on you'll in the heat of passion and you were forced to make a hasty escape during which you forget your pants. In my opinion this looks grose and personally I wouldn't want to sit anywhere after you did (yuck).

Remember these parties are held during the day i.e sunlight and there is no darkness to hide the flaws every woman has e.g cellulite, stretch marks, tummy fat or that "bobo" trini slang for scars on your knee that you got when you were 6. Sally Hansen airbrush legs does a great cover up, some beauty salons offer spray tanning which gives the skin an even tone while covering imperfections and leaves you with an amazing glow OR there's always the age old theory of dressing for your age/size/shape just because it's beach themed that doesn't mean your "coochie" has to be on display!


Once your body allows it and you have the confidence feel free to go all out and rock a bikini, whole piece or monokini! Paired with a hot pair of wedges or strappy gladiator sandals, some multi-strand necklaces or a statement piece and bangles - you won't look naked or scandalous. If you're not comfy enough to rock out with your 'punks' aka vaginal area. If you're like me and very well endowed in that area (sorry that's as delicate as I can put it) try a wrap, sarong, floor length skirt, see through pants or some crisp white trousers. the latter takes your look from the Treasure Queen to Diddy's all white party in the Southampton

I LOVE TUNICS!!!! They allow you to stay on theme while covering the parts that we may not be too confident about yet. If do you decide on a tunic try one with an embellished neckline, that way there's no need for a chain just add huge earrings, bangles a hot wedge and you're set! These can be worn with a bikini beneath or a nude whole piece. Don't have a tunic? Then rock an over-sized man's shirt with a low-slung belt

*ALWAYS try to wear wedges or a stacked heel!!! It lengthens the leg and instantly makes you stand taller (in a bikini we need every little advantage we can get) nothing is cute about you dragging a pair of Old Navy slippers

Denim cut off shorts will ALWAYS be in style, they're very versatile and they can be styled up or down. Try these with a shorter length tunic, a crisp white shirt unbuttoned just enough to show the right amount of cleavage or a cropped top, just be sure to belt your waist and you're good to go!

*ACCESSORIES: This 'theme' allows for little clothing so you have to go into accessory overload: over-sized hats, statement necklaces, body jewelry, super long earrings, belly chains, cross body bags, sunglasses and, my personal favorite...bangles. These are all  VERY essential for this look. If it's a cooler fete put your bottles in a huge beach bag instead of a cooler!!!!! Its all about the accessories

Simple guidelines. It's not very hard to change your look up a bit without going into thot city. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Mixin' Prints as easy as 1,2,3...

One of the MAIN style questions I'm always asked is "How do you mix prints and make it work???" 

My answer? EASY!!!

Gone are the days when the fashion gods declared "Thou shall wear one print only!!!"

In today's world you can mix and match basically any print. It's super easy and a cleaver way to remix pieces you've worn already, Add some flavour to an otherwise basic look or shit just wear two pieces you really love at the same damn time!!!

Some of my favs to try are:
  • Plaids + Stripes
  • Polka dots + Paisley
  • Leopard + Camo
  • Vertical stripes + Horizontal stripes
  • Houndstooth + Polka dots with a side of checkered

Here's my guide on effective print mixology without looking too crazy...

  1.  Ensure you have a base colour - Both prints should have at least one colour in common that way whilst your look won't match it'll definitely compliment each other.
  2.  Pick a focal print - Choose one print that's going be the center of the look, whichever print you choose should be the bigger of the two or three that you combine.
  3. Break up the two - If you're shy start off by using a printed shoe/printed blazer combo or keep it simple with a printed clutch. For the extremely print shy a lot of local designers are doing amazing graphic and fabric earrings, add one of those to a basic black dress with a printed pump or flat and wallah! You've lost your mixing print virginity!As you begin to feel more comfy try a plaid top with a polka dot skirt with a solid belt in the middle to break up the two (belts are my #1 styling trick I'd belt my night gown if you gave me a chance!)
  4. ROCK IT!!!! - Confidence is KEY in pulling off ANY look. Don't listen to any basic Betty's talking bout you don't "match" you don't have to!!!

Now go out there and mix those prints I wanna see pics!!!