Thursday, 15 October 2015

Confessions of a statement necklace junky

Plain midi dress?
Plain maxi dress?
Wife beater and jeans?
Shirt dress and gladiators?
White boyfriend work shirt?

*phew* If only CXC or a thesis were so easy lol but seriously, statement necklaces solve every outfit's problems I swear!!!! Of course there are specific pieces that work better with certain necklines but we'd venture into that another day for today we celebrate the #statementnecklacewhore hidden in all of us 


TRUST ME There's something for all of us in a statement necklace! now don't be afraid I'm not sending you into the world looking like a Masai priestess or worst yet an escapee from  the Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria (don't go straining your neck and blaming it on me!!!) 
if this trend is new to you start slowly 

My favourite for newbies are pearls double a strand n turn it into a choker, add another layer and you're on your way to a full statement necklace diva but if you're not sure test the waters a bit first... 

Tribal pieces have recently become the rage these thankfully come in amazing colours and require little to no Kelly's or Michelle's for support 

Here are my statement necklace rules to LIVE BY 
  • Pair with a simple button earring you don't want to take away from your neck piece by confusing it with an over-sized over done earring 
  • Your only other accessory should be your clutch and either bangles or an amazing ring 
  • Create a clean canvas i.e. Exposed skin or a flat coloured top or dress 
  • Bigger is better!!!!! 

Statement necklaces are the easiest, fastest and most economical way to spruce up an otherwise boring outfit... Speaking of economical I have a store to introduce you'll too but shhhh that's another post for another time 

Your Shopaholic with major "isshoes"