Thursday, 24 September 2015

Mixin' Prints as easy as 1,2,3...

One of the MAIN style questions I'm always asked is "How do you mix prints and make it work???" 

My answer? EASY!!!

Gone are the days when the fashion gods declared "Thou shall wear one print only!!!"

In today's world you can mix and match basically any print. It's super easy and a cleaver way to remix pieces you've worn already, Add some flavour to an otherwise basic look or shit just wear two pieces you really love at the same damn time!!!

Some of my favs to try are:
  • Plaids + Stripes
  • Polka dots + Paisley
  • Leopard + Camo
  • Vertical stripes + Horizontal stripes
  • Houndstooth + Polka dots with a side of checkered

Here's my guide on effective print mixology without looking too crazy...

  1.  Ensure you have a base colour - Both prints should have at least one colour in common that way whilst your look won't match it'll definitely compliment each other.
  2.  Pick a focal print - Choose one print that's going be the center of the look, whichever print you choose should be the bigger of the two or three that you combine.
  3. Break up the two - If you're shy start off by using a printed shoe/printed blazer combo or keep it simple with a printed clutch. For the extremely print shy a lot of local designers are doing amazing graphic and fabric earrings, add one of those to a basic black dress with a printed pump or flat and wallah! You've lost your mixing print virginity!As you begin to feel more comfy try a plaid top with a polka dot skirt with a solid belt in the middle to break up the two (belts are my #1 styling trick I'd belt my night gown if you gave me a chance!)
  4. ROCK IT!!!! - Confidence is KEY in pulling off ANY look. Don't listen to any basic Betty's talking bout you don't "match" you don't have to!!!

Now go out there and mix those prints I wanna see pics!!!