Thursday, 11 August 2016

Slaying for "summer"

Girls... Yes? Girls... Yes? Girls... WHAT?! ok enough of that I'm not trying to get sued but young ladies lets chat come come have a seat... 

I get that it's August vacation and you'll are gonna be out "all summer 16" but let's talk about wardrobe choices. I know you all work out or naturally have 'bess' bodies (jealous) but that is no excuse to not try to look a little extra special i.e. a tank top and shorts does NOT an outfit make!!! I repeat a vest/croptop/promo tee/ halter/monokini and shorts whether they be high waisted/ low rise/ or distressed denim DOES NOT AN OUTFIT MAKE!!! 

There is never an excuse to look as tho you're on your way to Massy foods NEVER 

Ok now that I'm done ranting here are some helpful tips on how to upgrade your look...


Whether it's a body chain, a statement necklace or layered chains a necklace can add interest to any basic tank 

Cross body bags; as simple as they might seem these can add colour PLUS nobody needs to see your phone, car keys and money sticking out your pocket 

Try an armless coat; these add a layer with the added benefit of hiding any unwanted dimples or imperfections 


They're cute and handy pair with some strappy sandals,belt and bangles and VIOLA you have a complete


Automatic way to add some fancy to any pair of shorts whilst adding some height PLUS who doesn't need their legs to look longer? 

NB all of these suggestions work well with your LBD

There you have it ladies my unsolicited advice try it quickly before "summer 16" is over, practice makes perfect for carnival!!