Friday, 9 October 2015

Colour blocking cocktails

Ok sooooo this is a short one because it's so simple! 

Another of my favorite go-to looks is Colour Blocking! Why wear plain neutrals (yawn) when you can pair two, three, hell even four colours and make an impact the minute you walk into a room 

After all we live in the tropics right?! Why not add some brightness to your wardrobe. 

Whilst it's a tad easier than mixed prints, colour blocking basically uses the same concepts``
• choose your colours
•Belt the middle to break it up or show a little skin in between pieces 
•Rock that shit like fashion 
•remember it doesn't have to "match" it has to "go" 

Please note a belt is your bestie! You know how I feel about belts, I'd belt my night gown. 

If your mid section isn't as slim as you want it to be (lord knows I tried waist training but I wasn't ready to meet my maker) use the darker of your chosen colours on your mid section that way you avoid any unnecessary attention... 

Here are some more colour blocking tips: 
-Using a blazer? Try a neutral tank 
-Colour block dress? Try a patent shoes 
-Shy? Pick two primary colours like red and blue or yellow and green! God automatically colour blocked already for you lol. 
-For my virgin colour blocker style slayers, here are some combos to try 
•yellow + coral blue 
•pink + teal 
•green + purple 

Go on  and try it! Colour block like your mommy just bought you your first poster paints!!! Be confident and take pics I want to see!!!