Monday, 14 September 2015

Welcome to Shopaholics-IS-Shoes

After much encouragement (by encouragement I mean buff) I decided to finally start my blog Shopaholicisshoes!!! Why?
1 I'm a "shopaholic" or so I've been told... Let's agree to disagree on that one
2 We all have issues (some of us more than others myself included)
3 I'm absolutely in love with shoes, bags, clothing, statement necklaces, jewelry and just about everything fashion or fashion oriented. 

Fashion to me is a very personal thing it's not only about the latest trend, a designer item or who you've seen wearing what. Fashion to me is about finding what suits you and what you love whether it cost $10 or $1000. Be yourself wear what you want and most importantly make yourself happy!!!

This is basically my running commentary on everything, from what to wear to an all inclusive fete to what necklaces go best with which necklines to the importance of spanx no matter what size you are and even my personal view on some trends...please note that unless you're a professional dancer mas boots are not to be worn outside of Carnival Monday & Tuesday.

 We will even discuss events, shopping spots, my favourite restaurants both locally and internationally, travel destinations, my go to essentials and my best advice on raising a teen (he's absolutely gorgeous btw)

I'm just a loud mouth "single black female addicted to retail" trying to be a good mom whilst attempting to look reasonably cute.

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Welcome to Shopaholicisshoes and remember...It's always better to be over dressed than under!