Friday, 8 January 2016

MAS of total confusion!!

Ok soooo Christmas done and the thing start... This carnival season is short so let me add my unwanted two cents quick quick.... But first I have a question...

     Can some one explain to me why some young ladies see it fit to go to parties with "MAS boots"? Wait, I digress let me explain exactly what I mean when I use the term MAS boots so as not to cause any further confusion, because I am convinced some young ladies are getting this thing all wrong!!! The term 'mas boots' is reserved for flat knee high or just under the knee or sometimes ankle, suede/faux or not (more usually not), they're normally scrunched i.e look like they're being pushed down a bit and come in a variety of colours TO MATCH YOUR CARNIVAL COSTUMES. This being said can someone explain to me why some girls think wearing them to party is cute?

I've seen chicks in the club, all inclusive fetes and even on boat rides in MAS boots now one would think that the fact that they're called mas boots i.e the function is directly in front of the word boots that this would be a clear indication of the intended use. But, no no no they wear them anywhere, anyhow and with anything why should other females make the effort to get their toes done and stand in their heels or wedges and there you are clumping around in your Carnival Tuesday best. The following are a few instances where these boots are allowed in regular party environments

1. You just finished modeling a costume on stage and you're staying for a bit to take a drink(i cyah blame yuh)
2. It's a Carnival or Jouvert themed party
3. You dance PROFESSIONALLY for Machel, Destra or Kes
4. It's a costume party and you need to get your money's worth out of your costume
5. Your house either just burnt down or flooded out and those were the only things left in your car (my sympathies staying home is almost always an option though)
Failing these 5 situations it is NOT ok!!!!! This is why the shoe gods invented ballet flats, sandals, wedges, oxfords, keds and Doc Martins! Just because you have them ladies that doesn't mean you have to wear them save yourselves the blank stares and looks of confusion MAKE THE EFFORT!

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