Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Fashion is PLUS

As a Caribbean woman... Trini to the bone as a matter of fact (David rudder voice) I appreciate that Caribbean women come in all shapes sizes and Colour.,, it is what makes our culture so fascinating and diverse However HOWEVER It irks my soul when I see women dressed inappropriately for their age, size or for the event they're attending

Lemme prefix this by saying SPANX are my best friend I wear them with EVERYTHING... Every damn thing SPANX tuck away, smooth out and downplay our unforgiving areas and they come in ALL different types and sizes.

I love nothing better than seeing a plus sized woman dressed appropriately for her size no one says you have to be frumpy it's all about accentuating your best features, layering your problem areas and accessorising the shit out of your look!
Statement necklaces
Pencil skirts
Semi flare skirts
Maxi dresses
Wrap dresses
Multi coloured throws
And let's not forget SHOES are you best friends

* BELTS; as you all should know by now I'd belt my night gown if you gave me a chance. Belts are a simple way to accentuate your waist or add a pop of Colour. Go for pieces that are between 2" and 4"

* STATEMENT NECKLACES; as I've mentioned before necklaces can add flare to an otherwise basic look

* PENCIL SKIRTS; pair with a loose tank, multi coloured throw and EUREKA you've layered whilst potentially hiding problem areas

* SEMI FLARE SKIRTS; let's say you don't have wide hips semi flare skirts add some "flare" and body to your lower half without adding bulk

* MAXI DRESSES; paired a statement necklace or a throw this is an excellent look you can either dress it up or down depending on the location

* WRAP DRESSES; a wardrobe staple that EVERY woman no matter her size should own wrap dresses highlight your boobs, waist, hips and show a little leg... These can go from work to play in NO time

* THROWS; an excellent versatile way of adding a pop of Colour to a look while playing with proportions and hiding common problem areas like arms and stomach... Wear a vest, pencil skirt, broad belt, throw on a belt n VIOLA

* SHOESSSSS; I don't advise too thin of a heel but too much of chunky heel provide more support whilst providing support will make your legs look too... For want of a better word chunky so go for something in the middle. Sandals... Whilst gladiators are all the rage I'd advise against the styles that come too high up on the calves

       Ballet flats in bright colours are one of my go to styling tricks and you can never go wrong with a classic pair of pumps

** try to stay away from overly baggy fabrics that add unnecessary bulk **tight ain't always right
** unstructured fabrics tend to highlight all of our problem areas fabrics like spandex are VERY unforgiving be aware!!!
** don't settle just because it's in the plus sized section doesn't mean you HAVE to get it leave some Of that ugly ish ALONE

Sincerely your shopaholic with Major isshoes Jihan 


  1. Thanks for this post.... I was obsessing the other day about weight loss after my baby. Holding on to my "skinny" clothes in hopes of returning there overnight. Until I decided I'm going to live my new catch phrase Own it, Love it, Rock it! I found the key to these fab plus size ladies was exactly as you said, SPANX! They were smooth and wore appropriate clothes for their size. So I revamped my wardrobe (size appropriate) and decided to dress up all the time as it also helped my mood.


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  3. Loved reading this article. Always have been afraid of trying out pencil skirts but I'll give it a go soon. I'm glad that the first thing you mentioned is shapewear. Shapewear and a good bra is EVERYTHING when you're plus-sized. I'm not a spanx person. I don't think it holds very well. For smoothening it does it's job, but for the snatched feeling (and appearance) it doesn't do much for me.

    When you buy spanx you can't try them on, and they tell you to choose the spanx based on your height and weight. When you use that metric the spanx end up being too big, so it's best to go 2 sizes smaller.

    My go-to foundation garment brands are Maidenform and Ardyss. Maidenform even gives you a good foundation garment with different bottom (there's the option of a thong base). Ardyss is great as well, lasts longer than the generic spanx.